What I Collect: Canary Yellow

Fishing, Gardening, Scrapbooking, Playing with my son,
                       Playing the Mandolin

Favorite Singer: George Strait, Natalie Merchant, Dixie Chicks,
                                    Lyle Lovett

Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove, Legends of the Fall

Favorite Movie Star: Robert Duvall, Brad Pitt

Favorite Cookie: Sugar Cookies

Favorite Flower: Hollyhocks, Sunflowers

Favorite Animal: Collie Dogs, Giraffe, Bass Fish

Favorite Sport: Fishing, Skipping

Favorite Candy: Cotton Candy

Favorite Snack: Boiled Peanuts and Chips and Salsa

Favorite Cologne: Beautiful and Poem

Family: Wade (Husband), Ranger (Son), Abbie (puppy),
                   Pinch (the Hermit Crab), Goo Goo (Frog) and
                   Licorice (Snail)

Favorite Magazines: Strait Talk, Creating Keepsakes

Favorite TV Program: Six Feet Under, Trading Spaces, Survivor