We Are Keeping Them In Mind
As we watch the terrible situation along the Atlantic coast as a result of Hurricane Sandy, we ask that you keep everyone there in your thoughts and prayers. Many of us have family members in that area and watching the devastation on TV is heart wrenching. In addition, the storm has affected people in many other places across the country because itís impact on many different industries. The George Strait Fan Club is no exception.

We have a software provider in New York and their customer support is out of operation right now which has shut down our ability to ship orders because of a software glitch that we cannot get fixed. However, our problem is not near as great as theirs and we will be shipping again soon while their problems will be longer lasting. Our store is up and running and can take orders but just cannot process and ship them. We ask for your patience and understanding, but even more important we ask for your prayers for those that have suffered the most.