Garrett Tonozzi and Dugan Kelly Win 2013 Championship; Tonozzi Sets Event Record for Most Monies Awarded
SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Sunday, March 10, 2013) - The 31st Annual George Strait Team Roping Classic (GSTRC) set multiple event records this year as an unparalleled 685 teams competed for nearly $1 million in cash and prizes across the two-day event. This year's competition was held at The Rose Palace Arena in San Antonio, Texas on March 8-9, 2013, and continued in its tradition as the largest open roping event in America.

The 2013 competition surpassed the past 30 years' records in attendance, participation, and earnings with top placing competitor, Garrett Tonozzi (header), taking home over $183,000 in cash. His roping partner, Dugan Kelly (heeler), was awarded $131,060 in cash and both received their own Cavender Chevrolet (Boerne, TX) Duallie, a Strait X-treme horse trailer from Bruton Trailers, a Twister saddle from Tractor Supply, a Resistol Rope bag, and a jacket from Wrangler and Justin. Tonozzi and Kelly placed with a time of 15.58 seconds.
Tonozzi also roped with York Gill with the pair placing second with a time of 16.41.

It was a rare feat that Tonozzi finished both 1st and 2nd with partners Kelly and Gill, and it has only been done once before in the event's history. In 2009, Chad Master and Jade Corkill won the event.
That year Masters finished 1st and 4th but Corkill's accomplishment was even greater as he won 1st, 2nd and 6th.

The fastest time winners were awarded on Friday night with Nick Sartain and Rich Skelton taking home $1,500 each for a time of 4.44 and Choc Westcott and TJ Brown taking home $1000 each for a time of 4.55-both from the second rotation.

The event, which originated as a small family roping gathering with George and his brother Buddy in 1982 is now one of the most prestigious roping competitions in the country and consistently attracts the biggest names in the sport each year.

GSTRC 2013 Results

1st 15.58 Garrett Tonozzi Dugan Kelly $262,120 $131,060
2nd 16.41 Garrett Tonozzi York Gill $104,850 $52,425
3rd 16.64 Lance Brooks Kyle Lockett $72,080 $36,040
4th 16.86 Levi Simpson Matt Garza $65,530 $32,765
5th 18.16 Cory Kidd Cole Davison $52,420 $26,210
6th 18.78 Tavis Walters Gage Williams $39,320 $19,660
7th 19.94 Clay Tryan Patrick Smith $32,770 $16,385
8th 21.24 Aaron Tsingine Cesar delaCruz $26,210 $13,105

Go Rounds
1st Go 4.78 Clay Tryan Patrick Smith $3,000 $1,500
2nd Go 4.29 Charly Crawford Clay Cooper $3,000 $1,500
3rd Go 4.21 Clay Tryan Jade Corkill $3,000 $1,500

Friday Fast Time Overall
1 4.44 Nick Sartain Rich Skelton Buckles
Friday - Fast Time on 2
1 9.95 Justin Yost Jory Levy Buckles